Welcome to the Messianic Israel Alliance (MIA)--the Voice of Redeemed Israel. We thank you for joining us. We are a group of Believers who feel that our Heavenly Father is doing a new thing in the earth. He is restoring, and will re-gather, His people from all the lands wherein they have been scattered. He told of His end t-me restoration plan for the whole house of Israel (Judah and Ephraim) in Zechariah 10:6-9: “I will strengthen the house of Judah, And I will save the house of Joseph, And I will bring them back, Because I have had compassion on them; And they will be as though I had not rejected them, For I am YHVH their God and I will answer them. Ephraim will be like a mighty man...I will whistle to gather them together, For I have redeemed them; And they will be as numerous as they were before. When I scatter them among the peoples, They will remember Me in far countries, and they with their children will live and come back.”

We feel privileged to be working with friends who want to help advance the Father’s end time restoration plan for “both the houses of Israel” (Isaiah 8:14; John 2:19-22).

The following will tell you a bit about us.


Angus and Batya Wootten

Angus Wootten
In 1967 Angus retired from the United States Army. In the early Seventies he and his wife, Batya, became involved in the budding Messianic Jewish Movement. This in turn led to creating a catalog of materials, writing books, hosting conferences, and in 1999, they followed Angus’ vision and founded the Messianic Israel Alliance. As the Messianic movement grew, they began to see the need for a paradigm shift; they felt the need for Believers to move into an even greater understanding of the purposes of the God of Israel. The Messianic Israel Alliance thus became “The Voice of Redeemed Israel.”

Angus’ principal focus has been on declaring the mission of the people of Israel. His primary interest is to see the Kingdom of our Messiah be restored to the whole house of Israel. This longing led him to write the book, Restoring Israel’s Kingdom. His next book was written to help bring clarity to issues about the Torah: Take Two Tablets Daily, The 10 Commandments and 613 Laws. His efforts have been focused on the logistics of helping to develop a greater understanding of the God of Israel and His chosen people, and on providing fresh insight into His current purposes in the end time in which we live. He and Batya work together to further develop a line of solidly Scriptural books through Key of David Publishing.
Angus and Batya have ten children and many, many delightful grandchildren.

Angus regularly posts exciting and challenging articles written by a variety of authors on his website, Zechariah’s Patrol (see www.zechariahspatrol.com ).

You can contact him at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Batya Wootten
Decades ago Batya began publishing a first, the “House of David Messianic Materials Catalogue.” Funded by her husband, Angus, the cutting-edge catalog was created to serve a fledgling new interest in Israel, the Jewish people, and relationships between Christians and Jews. Due to this endeavor, Angus and batya began to see “both of the houses of Israel” (Isaiah 8:14) in Scripture, and then to publishing “The House of David Herald Newsletter” in 1982. They also hosted conferences and wrote books, including Batya’s seminal classic, Who Is Israel? And Why You Need to Know. This book was reprinted four times and then replaced with Redeemed Israel, Reunited and Restored. A shorter companion version, Who is Israel? Redeemed Israel: A Primer, has been used by thousands as a handout that quickly explains the restoration of Ephraim and Judah. Batya’s unique book, Israel’s Feasts and their Fullness, offers insights that relate to Israel’s restoration. People have called it “The best feast book I have ever read.” And, Mama’s Torah: The Role of Women, is loved by men and women alike. Batya is now working on a new book, A Door of Hope for the Last Days. The life-changing truths that she brings forth are helping to restore a brotherhood broken apart long ago. Her emphasis on the need for mercy and grace to both houses of Israel is helping to heal the wounds that began when Israel’s Kingdom was divided, ages-ago.

You can contact Batya by email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Our Shepherds are husband and wife teams who address the needs of member congregations as well as doctrinal issues that impact the Alliance, and they offer overall suggested guidance for the MIA. We do not want to exercise “denominational controls” over those who choose to ally themselves with us, but to instead have an honor-based Alliance: We ask that those who ally with us honor our essential statements of faith, and we will in turn, seek to honor those who are allied with us.

Daniel and Sylvia Calderon
Daniel and Sylvia have been faithful Dance Leaders and Conference Coordinators for the Messianic Israel Alliance for many years. We are blessed to have them working in these same capacities, and to also have become Shepherds with the MIA. In addition, they have been faithful MIA prayer partners, wise counselors and faithful Advisors. We are blessed to be able to work with people of such integrity.

Yah called Dan and Sylvia to teach and lead Congregational Dance in Worship in 1990.

They also were in leadership in a Messianic congregation in Texas for seven years, and were congregational dance leaders in a Seattle-based congregation for three years. They now serve as Congregational Dance leaders at various conferences throughout the country with various ministries.

Through their ministry, New Jerusalem Designs, they offer an instructional Hebraic Dance Video, iDance. The video explains Dance Terminology, offers Practice Sessions, plus detailed Instructions for 22 dance steps. You can view free of charge many of the choreographed dances listed on YouTube on their website. They also do custom-made T-shirts, Tote Bags, Hats, etc. for ministries throughout the nation.

See Daniel and Sylvia at: http://www.newjerusalemdesigns.com/home_page.html

Dr. John and Joie Conrad
John and Joie live in a Believers’ community in Western Utah. John is the leader of the House of Aaron, a ministry that is dedicated to serving the whole house of Israel. They believe in the restoration of all things and emphasize music and dance and Levitical ministry in these last days. Their community choir is incredible, a true joy to listen to, and probably the only “Messianic Choir” in the world! The Conrads seek to bring Believers together and to declare the truth about “both the houses of Israel” (Isaiah 8:14).
John and Joie have six children and are grandparents of eight. John is a Veterinarian and works on their community dairy that features prized, registered Holsteins. Joie has been involved in congregational leadership and dance, and in other organizations such as Aglow International. Their seek to awaken Believers in this day to their Israelite heritage and to the Elijah message of turning the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to the fathers.

The Conrads can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Wallace and Kathy Smith
Pastor Wallace E. Smith (Wally) was born in Los Angeles and moved to Las Vegas at the age of 8. He devoted his life to the service of YHVH at the age of 25. In preparation for pastoral ministry, Wally began teaching Junior and Senior youth at Grapevine Fellowship under the mentorship of the late Bud Higginbotham. In 1994 Wally received his first appointment as Senior Pastor by the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel. In the early Nineties, he and his wife, Kathy (and a few faithful Bible students) pioneered the House of Israel Fellowship in Las Vegas, NV.

Wally has compiled and edited two books: Are Christian Holidays… Holy Days? and, The Revelation of Yeshua, A First Century Look at a First Century Book. Batya Wootten joined Wally in writing his third book, Israel Empowered by the Spirit. In it, Wally brings out the important truth that it is the Holy Spirit that empowers Believers to be able to walk in the eternal truths of Torah. Filled with unique insights, Israel Empowered is a handbook that presents the truth about the Ruach haKodesh from a balanced Messianic perspective. Kathy, a retired school Administrator, now works hand in hand with her husband at their House of Israel Congregation. She also takes time to lovingly spoil her grandchildren and to volunteer as a counselor at one of the busiest crisis pregnancy centers in the country.

See them at: http://www.houseofisraelfellowship.org/

The Smith’s can be reached at: Pastor Wally [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ]

Marvin and Karen Taylor
Pastor Marvin and Karen Taylor have been friends of the MIA since its inception 1999. They live in Miami Gardens, Florida with their three children. The name of their congregation is Voices of Israel Ministries. Many people have been blessed at MIA Conferences when they heard this towering giant of a man sing the Shema with incredible depth of feeling. Many have likewise been blessed when hearing him preach encouraging truths with power and conviction.

Marvin is an anointed teacher of righteousness who loves the truth of Scripture, the liberating truth about our Israelite roots, as well as the all-important truth about the empowerment of the Ruach haKodesh. Marvin is a humble man of true integrity. He has a beautiful family and the MIA is honored to work with him.


Israeli Lt. Col. (Ret.) David and Sheila Yaniv
David and Sheila Yaniv have a powerful testimony. He was present when, in 1973, the God of Israel openly protected Israel’s soldiers during that war. David and other soldiers managed to safely crawl through a heavily loaded mine field—after the Holy One had miraculously caused a powerful and unique wind storm to reveal the location of all of the land mines.

At the time, the Yaniv’s lived on a Moshav in Israel. While working on its farm, David fell, and was paralyzed due to a medical mistake made during an ensuing operation. Confined to a wheel chair for seven years, David began to “secretly” watch the 700 Club TV program and ultimately became a Believer in the Messiah. One day, a word of knowledge was given on the program and David was soon completely healed. His healing was later declared to be a “Medical Miracle” by Israeli Doctors—but David knew, and declared that, Jesus Christ had healed him. That confession cost the Yanivs dearly. They were voted out of the Moshav and soon lost everything, home, jobs, friends, and relationship with some family members. They were then presented with a full scholarship to “Christ For the Nations” College in Dallas, TX, and in 1995, founded and became the Senior Pastors of Roots Messianic Congregation in Lynnwood, WA.

David and Sheila have an unending love for their Jewish people. However, they also love and honor the people who kept alive the truth about the Only Begotten Son of God—Who had so profoundly changed their lives. Seeing the truth about the restoration of both the houses of Israel, the MIA became a perfect fit for this dynamic duo, and they soon became “Goodwill Ambassadors” for the Messianic Israel Alliance.

For more information about David’s military miracle, and his documented healing, we invite you to view “Our Ambassadors” page.

You can see David and Sheila here: http://www.rootsmessianic.org/

You can contact them here: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Realizing that there is wisdom in many counselors, we are blessed to have a group of Counselors who offer suggested guidance to the MIA. These volunteers are people of character and experience who love Israel and are willing to serve as needed. They are trusted friends who are valued for their faithfulness, wise counsel, and expertise in a wide range of areas.

Bob and Katharine Maul
Bob and Katharine Maul have been married for 30 years and are now Floridians who hail from Wyoming. Bob managed a major warehouse for Lowe’s and is now retired. Katharine currently manages two office locations for the largest physician group in Central Florida. Many years ago Katharine began to question her Catholic faith - which led to her reading numerous books about Israel, Hebrew roots, and the Messianic life. After finding the MIA on line, and, two days after moving to Florida due to Bob’s job transfer, they had dinner with Angus and Batya Wootten and a deep friendship was formed between them. Katharine loves to study Scripture and to learn. Both Bob and Katharine know beyond all doubt that, our God will answer when we cry out to Him. Together, they want people to know YHVH through relationship and not religion, and to help Believers learn to walk with Him, in faith, as did our forefathers: Abraham, Moses, David, and so many others.

Susan Miller
Susan Miller is a true pioneer at heart. She has been an MIA Advisor since its inception, was a Realtor with a degree in Education, and now teaches Believers about the whole House of Israel. Susan also was the co-founder, along with Elizabeth Janicki, of High Places - a cutting-edge bookstore and gathering place in Estes Park, Colorado. In this well-known destination point for tourists from all over the world, they shared the truth about their Hebraic roots and changed the lives of untold thousands of Believers. Since 2002, Susan has led an interactive Torah study at Fellowship of Messiah in Loveland, Colorado. Her creative PowerPoint presentations help to communicate Biblical concepts in memorable ways.

David Pennington
David Pennington lives in Argos, IN with his wife, Rita. They have a son and a daughter, Jared and Jessica, who have blessed them with four wonderful grandchildren. David works for the State Highway Department, and Rita is a song leader at the church where David was ordained 25 years ago. He loves and has collected thousands of gospel songs (Christian, Messianic, and Jewish), and he loves to read biblically oriented books and materials. David especially enjoys learning about the ancient Jewish/Hebrew culture—which helps him to better understand the words and metaphors of the prophets and the apostles. He has been a highly esteemed Moderator on Messianic Israel Talk for many years. His colorful country upbringing included lots of funny escapades with lots of boisterous brothers, and his experiences, coupled with his veritable fountain of knowledge has made him a truly unique contributor there. His picturesque comments, kind nature, and unusual ability to link things together are truly appreciated by everyone.

Scott Skaggs
Scott Skaggs is a Louisville, KY father of twin boys: Nathaniel and Gabriel. He is also a Painting Contractor in a family owned business. When Scott is not painting, he loves to read and study Scriptures. Scott grew up going to church in a faith-filled family that included a grandfather, father, uncle and brother who were or are either pastors, missionaries or evangelists. However, Scott’s faith was greatly enlarged when he read Batya Wootten’s seminal book, “Who is Israel?” Taking in the information written in that book changed his life. Scott writes, “I remember reading the book on my couch and steadily weeping while what felt like ‘hot butter’ ran down my head and back as the Father revealed to me my heritage in Israel. (I remember it as if it was yesterday!) I’ve never looked at the Scriptures the same way, and my calling and inspiration has since been to proclaim the message of the restoration of Redeemed Israel!” Scott has been a Moderator on the Messianic Israel Talk Group (yahoo.com), for many years. There, his love of Scripture, kindness, compassion, and balanced replies to inquiring questions have been attested to by many.

Will and Debora Spires
Will and Debora Spires are lovers of truth as well as lovers of the kindness and compassion of the God of Israel. They seek to help return the children of Israel to the Covenant promises of Scripture and to be empowered to walk in its ancient paths. (See Torah Portions for more information on Will and Debora.)


Each week we post various Torah Portions for the week, plus various Scripture Studies/Commentaries, through our email postings and on our website. We invite members of the MIA to submit Torah portions for consideration, and we wholeheartedly welcome your comments and input. We are blessed to have regular contributors who offer us inspiring teachings each week. We are grateful for their thoughtful and insightful writing. It takes a great deal of study and much time with the Father to produce these encouraging teachings. We are so thankful to have the following friends as regular contributors.

Torah and Glory School
Dr. Hutch and Patti Church
Hutch and Patti have studied their Hebrew roots and hosted both Friday and Saturday home meetings for many years. They have pioneered two churches, and served in pastoral, educational, and music ministry for 24 years. Hutch has now completed his doctorate in ministry and they live in North Carolina.

Through their Torah and Glory School, they invite people to invest one year in study and spiritual growth. They offer two levels of association: 1. Reader level. The lessons are available for use to everyone. 2. Student [Talmidim] level. Students enroll in the school, commit to working the program, and invest one year of their lives into intense spiritual transformation. For more information about the process, requirements, and advantages of enrollment, see their Introduction Page: www.blesstheland.net/Torah--and-Glory-School----B-resheet.html

B’midbar Ministries
Will and Debora Spires of B’midbar Ministries are a Praise, Worship, and Teaching Ministry. They live with their son, Colby, in Little Mountain, SC and teach at Restoration of Israel Ministries in Columbia, SC. Will’s heart-driven, Scripture-based song lyrics reveal his love of the “weightier matter” that is taught in Scripture: Love of God and love of His people. Will has several music CD’s, one of them being, The Return. It tells in song the awesome story of Israel’s restoration.
In his writings, Will keys in on issues that speak to the hearts of YHVH’s chosen and set-apart people. As an ever-searching disciple of YHVH, Will’s teachings also draw on Paleo-Hebrew symbolism and on Israel’s ancient Temple service. He emphasizes the Father’s great love for us and encourages us to respond with true commitment and trust. Will and Debora also encourage us to be open and honest in our ever-present call to repentance—and to move on in the Glory of the Lord. Like a voice crying in the wilderness, they challenge us to feed on the Covenant promises of Scripture and to walk in its ancient paths.

You can see Will and Debora at: http://www.willspires.com/biography.html

Contact Will at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Christine’s Bible Study
Christine Miller
Christine was raised in the Lutheran church and was born again and baptized in the Holy Spirit at the height of the Jesus Movement in the 70s. She and her husband David have been married 30 years, and have three children, whom she homeschooled, and, they now have four grandchildren.

David and Christine have served in many and various capacities in church. They recently left Colorado where they raised their children, and relocated to Florida to be with David’s family. Christine’s passion has always been God’s Word: reading, knowing, and believing it, and sharing it in an uncomplicated way.

In her weekly offerings, Christine often includes anointed studies of chiastic structuring—a literary device often used in Scripture to build up to a main point and then used in a reverse order. For example:
             D The main point the writer is making lies at the center.
When viewed in context, A and A* will help to explain each other, as will B and B*, C and C*.

You can see Christine’s work here: http://christinesbiblestudy.wordpress.com/

You can reach her at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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