The Torah and Glory School combines word and spirit

We invite you to invest one year of your life in study and spiritual growth. The Torah and Glory School offers two levels of association: 1. Reader level. The lessons are available for use to everyone. 2. Student [Talmidim] level. Here, people actually enroll in the school, commit to working our program, and invest one year of their lives into intense spiritual transformation. For information concerning the Torah and Glory School, and the process, requirements, and advantages of enrollment, click HERE. You will be taken to our school's Introduction Page where the program will be explained.

Torah and Glory School

Hutch Church and his wife Patti moved to Orlando over six years ago to study their Hebrew roots. During this time they have maintained both Friday and Saturday home meetings, and Hutch has completed his doctorate in ministry. They previously lived on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, where they pioneered two churches, Jubilee Christian Fellowship and Siloam Outreach Network. They served in pastoral, educational, and music ministry for 24 years while living in New England. To accomplish their desire to strengthen Believers who are returning to their Hebraic heritage in the foundations of Hebrew roots and in the ministry of the Holy Spirit, they established the ministry, Bless the Land. They also are MIA Allies. Bless the Land is an education and mobilization ministry designed to provide tools and means that will help to prepare and equip Believers for effectual service to both the Houses of Israel, and to hasten the day when they will be one House, one stick in Messiah’s hand.

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