Dramatic Passover Celebration Narrated by Angus and Batya Wootten

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March 24th, Orangeburg, SC

Angus and Batya Wootten, MIA Founders and Ambassadors, will be narrating a Dramatic Passover Celebration hosted by Restoration of Israel Ministries in Orangeburg, SC, March 24th.

The event will not be a standard Passover dinner, but will be an inspiring drama. The Four Passovers of Scripture, as explained in Batya's book, Israel's Feasts and their Fullness will be dramatically portrayed. (See the book at

Those who have read the book know that seeing the Passover in this perspective helps Believers in Messiah to better understand the meaning of Passover, especially as it relates to our present day. This simple, yet inspiring drama makes Passover come alive with new meaning! It has helped many to truly understand this important feast.

Don’t miss this exciting event. Come and learn more about your Hebraic roots. See these four Passovers portrayed before your eyes! See Messiah Yeshua’s Last Supper in Scriptural context! We promise that this Passover night will be different from any other Passover night you have ever experienced! Join us for a truly unique celebration filled with worship, praise, and dance!

All are welcome and there will be no Registration Fee, however, an offering to cover expenses will be taken, and – to guarantee that you can partake of the Passover elements offered during the drama (small pieces of lamb and bread, plus wine), it is necessary that you RSVP for the attending number in your group. These will be passed out at the door, in a small box, to those who Registered in advance.

For Reservations (or for hotel information), call Restoration of Israel Ministries Directors, Scottie Dickinson, Bets Tope, or Mary Stone Tope, at: 803-479-9835 or 803-479-9818.

Or, e-mail: or  Or visit

Our Passover Drama will take place at:
 Living Wells Celebration Center
593 Neeses Highway, Orangeburg, SC
March 24th at 7PM.

The life-changing books and materials written by Angus and Batya Wootten will be available there.
Come early and visit with them!
Bring your shofar and your dancing shoes and be prepared to celebrate!

PS: Angus and Batya will be teaching at the same location this Shabbat, February 24th. Batya will be sharing her testimony at an Orangeburg church on Sunday.